Soundtracks for the Work Day

While our environment sets the stage for daily productivity, sound plays an important role in our daily lives. Some sounds can help us stay motivated, while others - like the TV blaring through the wall - can distract and deter us from productivity. 

Many of us enjoy putting in a pair of earphones and listening to music throughout the day - but are our music choices helping us focus or distracting us? Sound can have a different vibe and tone for each type of task we have, so it’s important to switch music selections up now and again based on the job at hand.

The use of noise-canceling earphones (like Rayz Pro) can create the immersive experience you need to concentrate and focus on getting your work done, boost your productivity, or relax and recharge. Here are five playlists that can help you make music an intentional soundtrack to your day. 

When you need to boost your productivity, many say that classical and instrumental music are the way to go. Researchers have long claimed that listening to classical music can help people perform tasks more efficiently. This theory is called “the Mozart Effect,” and suggests that listening to classical composers can enhance brain activity. Here are a few classical selections you can use to boost productivity while working:

When you need to boost focus and concentration, some studies have found that binaural beats can affect cognitive function positively or negatively, depending on the specific frequency generated. We’ve found these beats in particular to be soothing and motivating when trying to knock out big lists: 

When you need to reduce stress or relax, choose nature sounds. Who doesn’t love the sound of nature or trickling water? Listening to waves crashing or a babbling brook has been shown to enhance cognitive function and concentration while reducing anxiety. Here are some of our favorite nature sounds that are gentle and pleasant to work with:

When you want to feel social, bring the coffee shop with you. We all love a little coffee shop vibe sometimes, so why not listen to something that makes you feel like you’ve actually gotten out of the house and not sitting at home for the past 8 months? Check out these cool coffee shop vibes: 

When you need to get pumped, crank up your favorite high-energy tunes. Listening to music you love when you need some motivation is not a bad idea. While some studies suggest that you shouldn’t listen to music with words when working, if nothing else, music you love improves your mood. Make a playlist of your favorite songs that are fun enough to get you motivated, but not too fun to distract you from your work.

Wherever life takes you or whatever your work day brings you, there’s a soundtrack to enhance the experience!