Our Top Four Must-Have Products For Work-From-Home!

Adjusting to the work-from-home life has been a long road for many of us transitioning from the traditional office space.  It’s just not the same without all your work essentials within reach on your desk! Having your favorite (work) things at hand can mean the difference between a super productive day and a lazy day.  Since our whole Rayz team is now working from home, we’ve swapped tips and tricks amongst our team and partners. Now we are sharing with our loyal customers!

Whether your “new” office is a spare bedroom, a closet, or the kitchen table, these are the products we love that have kept us productive in a new space. 

Laura Davidson Fresh Management Chair in Grey - Making sure you have a comfortable work chair is critical, especially if you are on your keyboard all day.  It doesn’t hurt when it looks good too!  We love the whole Laura Davidson collection for both comfort and style but fast shipping and a 60 day trial got us hooked.

Pioneer Rayz Rally Speaker - Good communication is critical when working remotely and that starts with a great audio product.  There are many speaker solutions out there but they lack focus on voice quality.  The Pioneer Rayz Rally naturally is a team favorite!  Designed by world-renowned Pioneer audio engineers in Japan and specifically focused to work natively with mobile platforms - specifically Apple iPhones, iPads and laptops.  Rayz Rally supports high-resolution voice and speaker quality and it is wired for no latency, no Bluetooth pairing (or Bluetooth audio stealing) and no battery charging.  The Rally is super small but the audio easily fills a room with loud output.  Simply plug into your iPhone or use a cable to plug into USB.  Oh, and a single button press to mute or unmute in call keeps call control close at hand.  

Ember temperature control coffee mug - It is so easy to lose track of time with seemingly endless group calls and multi-threaded Slack chats.  Keeping coffee or tea warm is essential for continued engagement!  The Ember is perfectly desk-side and completely chases away cold coffee unpleasantries.

Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser - Let’s face it, sitting behind a desk all day is stressful wherever you are.  Our team members can’t get enough of the Vitruvi Stone diffuser. Give yourself an aromatic pick-me-up with 100% essential oils diffusion. We love the style and the low plastic footprint.  Diffusers have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system and of course keep your space smelling amazing.

While these products won’t change the fact that we are in fact working and living in the same space for extended periods of time, they will make your days a little more pleasant. Spruce up your home office with these four essentials and let us know if you love them as much as we do!