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Smaller. Simpler. More Powerful.

Rayz Rally is a pocket-sized speaker with the clarity of a conference system. Together with the Rayz App it makes calling easier & clearer anytime, anywhere.


Powered by your iPhone, no batteries or charging required. Operates in modes with the lowest power use possible from your iPhone.

Louder Than It Looks

Small enough to fit in your pocket but has the loudness and quality of a large conference system.

Smart Button

Play/pause. Mute/unmute. Do it all with one button.

Talk and Charge

Charge your iPhone, even while talking or listening to music.

Plug and Play

Plug it in to any Mac/PC using USB/ Lightning cable to create an instant conference speaker experience.

Rayz Earphones

Smaller. Smarter. More Personal.

Rayz Earphones

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